Step 5: Lightly Mix

When you put all the ingredient together, do not stir them too thoroughly. You want to still see some dry flour in the mix. It will cook into pockets of dough in the cobbler. If you mix it too much, you end up with peach cake - not bad, but also not cobbler.
<p>When using a dutch oven the easiest way to know about briquettes is to add two more briquettes to the top then the diameter of the dutch over and take 2 away for the bottom. For example, in these pictures the chef has a 12 dutch over so 12-2=10 briquettes for the bottom and 12+2= 14 briquettes for the top. On 10 dutch oven 10-2=8 on the bottom and 10+2=12 on the top. It is always easy to see since the dutch oven will have the size on the lid. Also, if you sue this method with the pie or cake pan inside of it put down three or 4 pop top lids or small flat rocks to give the pan an eight on an inch from the bottom of your dutch oven to help with even cooking and prevent burning. </p>
<p>I made this delicious cobbler for a group of eight and received rave reviews. I tripled the recipe and after forty five minutes, the briquettes were burned out and the cobbler was not done. I had to scramble to fire up some more briquettes and cook for another fifteen minutes. How many briquettes should I have used? </p>
<p>That is a basic recipe. Always turns out good. We alter a little for fresh fruit. 1 Cup of flour, 1 cup of sugar, 1 stick of butter, and your fruit of choice. The butter really gives it that kick and will keep it from sticking. </p>
<p>Sounds good! Can't wait to try it.</p>
Loved the cobbler . Thank you. My kids now think I'm a master outdoorsman . The only thing that would make me cooler, in their eyes , would be that campsite ice cream . I'll be looking for it. Thanks again.
Thanks for the recipe, I have yet t do a cobbler in my D. O. collection of three. I have two 4.5 litres, and one 9 litre. I also have two different sized skillets and two double Pie Irons. I liked your roast post as well. <br>
Now this I have to try!

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