Picture of Easy Peasy Craft Ball
I use coconut leaves for this craft. I think instead of coconut leaves, you also can use ribbon. Set the ribbon same the coconut leaves in my step.
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Step 1: Weave The Leaves

Picture of Weave The Leaves
13 12:25 AM.jpg
13 12:25 AM.jpg
13 12:25 AM.jpg
13 12:25 AM.jpg
Weave the 4 leaves until you get cube shape. Follow pictorial instruction step by step.

Step 2: End The Weave

Take the end of the leaf and insert under the weave. Repeat the same process to all the leaves until the leaves shorter. Cut the balance of the leaves. Done.
artworker2 years ago
Awesome! This can be a very classy gift case! A gift case that gets classier with time (as it dries)