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This is a super easy gift to make, pretty inexpensive too.

This is the perfect inexpensive gift that is sweet and not too personal.  Kids love it.  If you have friends who are on a diet, fill with confetti or shredded holiday wrapping paper.  I bought these ornaments at an after-Christmas sale at Michael’s last year.  The prices went from .39 cents to a whopping .69 cents each depending on the size.  Grab a bunch. 

Step 1:

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Plastic ornaments with removable top
M&Ms or Skittles or Gumballs or Red Hots or Lemon Heads or…  you get the idea

Step 2:

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Step one:  Open the ornament by pulling the cap off.
Step two:  Fill with candy. 
Step three:  Put cap on top.  
Optional Step three b:  Add a ribbon or name tag. 
Step four:  Give as gifts.


Turtle11 (author)2015-08-06

I'm definitely going to make these for my friends

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