Step 3: Peel, Baby, Peel

Picture of Peel, Baby, Peel
This is the easiest part. Look at the pictures where the shell came off in two whole pieces (pics 2,3,4). Easy as pie. Easy as punch. Piece of cake. Man, I'm hungry.

Go forth and cook eggs. This I command.
Shadeburst3 years ago
If you're boiling eggs just for yourself you can use the blow method to peel them. Make small holes the size of your pinkie fingernail in the shell top and bottom. Hold the egg in one hand with the other hand below ready to catch the peeled egg. Blow hard into the top hole. Voila.

You can also do this for the whole family if you are a mother. Somehow a mother's germs are okay to share.
wickedchild3 years ago
You could be my new hero. I love hard boiled eggs but hate the time it takes to make them and a specially to peel them. thx