I have always been able to peel and orange in nearly one piece, but I realized that many people have given up peeling oranges because they are bad at it. I came up with a really easy way to make the orange easy to peel without ruining it.

Step 1: What to Do

You will need a microwave for this

Put the orange in the microwave for one minute. When it is done, do not just pick it up... it is very hot. I found out the hard way.

Let it cool off for a minute or so, and peel it. It tastes very good warm, but you can let it cool down if you want. The orange still tastes the same!
Didn't work for me lol... Did the same as a average orange
o maybe ur orange was messed up :p or maybe mine were messed up :D
Maby i didnt let it cool down very long xD
i know when you boil eggs, if you let them cool it is easier to peel, maybe the same principles apply to oranges too
sounds cool thought i'll try it the next time i have an orange:-)
it freacking exploded in my face!... but it did peel....
make a hole in it or it will explode :)
i was suprized... it doesnt! thats the reason why I tried it... i was looking for a loud bang apples do it, but i guess the peel from oranges are stronger
Ok, nice but heat destroy the C vitamin (if there is some)

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