Introduction: Easy Pen Gun

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This is how to make a far shooting pen gun that you need only a pen to make!!!!!

Step 1: The Pen

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You will need a pen that is similar to this one.

Step 2: Disassembling the Pen

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First off disassemble the pen into the three main parts by untwisting it at the middle.

Step 3: Getting Out the Little Pieces

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Get the two plastic pieces out of the back of the pen by shoving the ink cartridge into the back end of it. To get the spring out of the front part of the pen bang it on a hard surface with the big opening facing down.

Step 4: Loading the Gun

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To load the gun insert the small pieces into the back part of the pen in the order shown.

Step 5: Cocking the Gun

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To cock the gun insert the ink cartridge into the opening and push the pieces backwards and then remove the ink cartridge.

Step 6: Shooting the Gun

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To shoot the gun push on the button that you press to use the pen and it will fire!!!


MikelM5 (author)2017-05-11

Did it work??

AbiadA1 (author)2016-07-09

a pilot g-37

thats the pen

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