Introduction: Easy Pencil Computer!

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Make this easy hand drawn science project! Draw,attach power to the pencil lines, compute!

Step 1: Pencil and Paper

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You will need any pencil and any paper

Step 2: Terminals

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Draw 5 dots on the bottom. The last one on the right is the negative terminal. And draw 8 on the top as shown (draw the line very dark) and label the dots as shown

Step 3: Wiring

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Draw a dark line from 1-1, 2-2, 3-2&1, 4-4 ( make the lines dark)

Step 4: More Wiring

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Connect as shown (draw dark lines)

Step 5: Final Result

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You done just attach a 9v battery by connecting the negative terminal to the negative terminal on the circuit. Attach LEDs by putting the positive lead on the big dots ( on the top) and the negative lead to the smaller dots( also on the top)


ALKN (author)2013-12-04

If you want to attach it to another circuit the yes you do need diodes

ALKN (author)2013-12-04

I know i need diodes but this is a very basic

ALKN (author)2013-12-04

But graphite is a resistor so 9v will be 3-5v

technologyguy (author)2013-12-03

I can see what you are trying to do but 9 volts will blow an LED. You need at least a 1000 ohm resistor in series with a single LED or put 3 or 4 LED's in series. Good concept basically drawing a conductive circuit with a pencil.

lamfe (author)2013-12-02

I think that you have to add diodes (See the image below) to make it work.

wood wizard (author)2013-12-01

What does this do?

joepetemitch (author)2013-12-01

This is very cool but what is the use can't u just connect the straight to the cell ?

TSJWang (author)2013-12-01

This looks deserving to be featured! Do you mind showing a video? That would show how cool it is.

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