Easily edit yourself into a picture to appear to be playing yourself in basketball, having tea with yourself, or anything else. It's easy and it doesn't require any expensive editing software. By the way, the photos will have better quality then what you see here. Because of the uploading, the picture resolution was lowered.

Step 1: Requirements

What You'll Need:

A tripod (a cheap one's fine)
A digital camera that can be attached to a tripod
Microsoft Paint

I know what you're thinking. Paint. I know, it's bad. Just give it a try. It does everything that you'll need to do to make this look good, primarily, dropping in the other picture of you.
<p>My best collage of photo </p><p>I love this &lt;3 </p>
Noman Saleem
Sweet, I'm chasing myself with a knife!
That's really good! I never would have thought to use Paint like that. (Course, I have photoshop already, but if I'm ever without..!) I LOVE the picture of the kid playing cards. XD

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