Picture of Easy Pin Moving Robot
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Step 1: Materials

1 pin Duck tape 1 Remote control car motor 1 Model car tire 1 square battery

Step 2: Putting Together

Picture of Putting Together
13, 21:03.jpg
13, 21:03.jpg
Tape the tire to the spinning part of the motor. Now tape the motor to the pin. Tape the battery to the pin. The motor should have two wires at the end of it. Now put the two wires inside of the battery openings. If it doesn't work flip the motor over and see if it works then. When it works the tire should be hanging off of the pin and it should start moving in circles.

Step 3: Final

Picture of Final
13, 21:03.jpg
Zeuro Miller11 months ago


nitorious101 (author) 1 year ago
Thx dude
Celcius1 year ago
Pretty cool!