Picture of Easy Pincushion
This is my first one!! I'm so happy to share this with y'all. It's a SUPER EASY pincushion and u can make it with everyday stuff! Let's get started. :)
1 yogurt container cleaned and dried
1 pair of good scissors
1 piece of cute fabric(it has to be hardy)
1 rubber band
A ton of stuff like batting, fabric, or even maybe a tee shirt.
And of course pins to in it:p
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Step 1: Cut Out A Good Sized Circle

Use your scissors to cut a circle of your hardy fabric

Step 2: Put The Stuff In The Container

Picture of Put The Stuff In The Container
That ton of stuff is your base of the cushion. Try to make it so in the end it is really dense. To keep pins staying in place

Step 3: Put The Fabric On Top

Picture of Put The Fabric On Top
Not much to say here just center it

Step 4: Put The Rubber Band On It

Picture of Put The Rubber Band On It
Make sure to tuck all the fabric under the rubber band

Step 5: YOUR DONE!!

Picture of YOUR DONE!!
14, 5:33 PM.jpg
We went from this to that and now we're done! Have fun! And I hope u liked it!
olaw101 (author) 11 months ago
No problem

Very simple, effective, and cheap! Thanks for sharing!