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Both myself and my daughter enjoy gardening as long as you get to eat that which is grown, My wife does the flower planting side., and its time to plant out a few leeks.

This instructable is aimed at providing a simple way to transplant the plants while removing a little of the back ache...... Please read on - but hopefully you will get the idea from the images.

Step 1: Tool Required

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As said this is a very simple idea. all you need is a spare piece of plastic drain pipe, round or square will do, but I had square to hand its approximately 10 cm square.

This other thing I used was a container for the soil.

Step 2: Using the Drain Pipe

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Simply take the pipe and push it into you soil, if the ground is soft then this will be easy. Push it in to a depth suitable for your plants then gently pull it out.

If you are careful the soil inside the pipe will stay inside as it is removed leaving a nice square hole to receive the plant.

Tap out the soil into the container

Step 3:

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Now place your plant into the hole and use some of the removed soil to firm it up. As the plants I was putting it where leeks I also took some used toilet roll tubes and place them over the stems putting a little more soil inside - this will be added to as the leek grows - this is supposed to give a better leek - I will see about this later in the year.

An thats it planting done -hopefully you will agree that this is a simple and useful idea.

thanks for reading.


Swansong (author)2017-05-23

That's brilliant, I wish I had seen this before I planted all the herbs on Sunday! XD

HUKBMBEAR (author)Swansong2017-05-23

Appologies... Only came up while plant.. Same day as yourself. Hopefully will help you next time

TheThinker (author)2017-05-23


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