Easy Pneumatic Piston from a Bicycle Pump

video Easy Pneumatic Piston from a Bicycle Pump
Turn an ordinary bicycle pump into an air powered piston to make your Halloween decorations more interactive!  You can use this device to make your decorations jump out at people as they walk by.
Nice video. Easy to understand. I would think there is a way to make a device in the place of the bicycle pump using pvc too?
rickosgood (author)  Grunambulax1 year ago
Yes I'm sure you can! Previous experience has taught me that making a working piston out of PVC for this type of thing can be very tricky when compared to using an off the shelf bicycle pump. That's not to say that it can't be done or that it shouldn't be done. It would be very handy if you needed a piston of a certain size and you couldn't just buy something pre-made.