Picture of Easy Poinsettia Flower Cookies
This is a very dramatic sugar cookie!
You can use any basic sugar or butter cookie recipe to make these fun poinsettia flower cookies! They are easy to make, and pretty enough for gifting. I gave a holiday tin full of these babies to my mail carrier, my UPS guy and my neighbors!
I am serious when I say that they take no more effort than rolling out dough and cutting out shapes...if anything, they take less effort! 

Prepared Sugar cookie dough
Blunt tip scissors (like the safety scissors kids use)
Cookie sheet
Red decorative sugar
Ramekin or bowl
Preheated oven (follow your cookie recipe instructions)

Step 1: Chill & Roll

Picture of Chill & Roll
Chill your prepared cookie dough for at least half an hour (30 minutes) before rolling. You want the dough to stick to itself, not your hands!

No flour for rolling, this will make your dough stiff and dry. 

I used a Tablespoon to scoop out dough, then rolled it into balls with clean hands. More or less round is good, perfect is not necessary! This is a fun step with the kids. My daughter had a blast making the sugar cookie dough balls. 

After your dough is rolled into balls (that will measure roughly an inch across), place them on a plate or in a baggie.

Refrigerate for at least an hour. You want the dough to be very cold when you cut it. 
pinkfairy12 years ago
good luck
Calelovezit2 years ago
so easy even i can do it :P
peggs12 years ago
Very clever
Ninzerbean2 years ago
Thank you!