Introduction: Easy Polymer Clay Beads

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I'm sure I'll never have enough necklaces. But my wallet says I'll never have enough money to buy them.

So I need to get creative and make them by myself. And I like some of them better than the ones at the store. This is one of those.

I spent less than $4 in all the materials I used for this necklace. Oh how I love polymer clay!

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

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Polymer clay. I like the premo sculpey



Your jewellery making supplies and tools

Step 2: Round Stamped Bead

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Just make a small ball, squeeze it a little bit to have a small flat surface.

Now stamp it to impress a delicate design on it.

Step 3: Faceted Diamond Bead

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Try a different shape with the same clay. Start with an oval shape, and make thinner the edges.

Using a cutter make straight cuts in several angles to make it look faceted.

Before baking the clay insert a pin or wire to make the hole that you'll need later to assemble the necklace.

Bake your clay according to the manufacturer´s instrucctions.

Step 4: Assemble

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Finish your necklace with a chain, and add extra beads.



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