Introduction: Easy Popsicles

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Do you like popsicles? but are you out and don't want to go to the store?  Well Read on then!

Step 1: Supplies!

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You will need

- A play doh container
- Wooden skewers
- Fruit juice
- Duct tape

All household items.

Step 2: Preparing

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First, take out playdoh and wash out Thoroughly! It isn't toxic but just be be safe!
Cut skewers to size.

Step 3: Making the Popsicle

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First, pour the juice in the playdough container.
Then take skewer and duct tape it into place.
Put in freezer for at least an hour.

Step 4: Eat!

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Take it out of the freezer then eat!


saosport (author)2013-07-11

good idea

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