video Easy Portable USB Charger
Tutorial to show how to make a quick, cheap and easy portable USB charger for around $10 without knowing how to build complex circuits!

Used the following products:

USB Car Charger (Dollar Store)
8 AA Battery Holder (Radioshack)
8 AA Batteries (Dollar Store)
Project Enclosure (Radioshack)
cheezyguy56 months ago

Great Idea! but, you only need 7.2 volts to run the car charger, so you could do this with only 6 batteries.

sparovv10 months ago

Can i make it with only 4 pcs LSD rechargeable battery?

ozmor10 months ago

excellent, but what if you wanted to add rechargeable batteries and a solar panel? circuit of the car is a great idea!... Might add an optional diagram!?

stubbsonic10 months ago

One little problem with this build was toward the end where the wire leads coming from the battery pack (the junctures with the extensions) were exposed so that they could potentially short. All they need is a little shrink tubing or some tape.

What size is the project enclosure
Mattkim1 year ago
where would you get the wire (green wire that connects switch and the main board)
ben pruitt1 year ago
Where can you get wire like that? The short piece you used?
ingeneer1 year ago
you can try to use 4x li-ion batteryes all of them are strong and reliable, I'm doing a sim
illar project and getting great resutls with liion. :) took my old laptop battery, disasembled it and took the batteries out...
alex8881 year ago
can this burn out the battery of any phone?
I tried this it turns on my USB powered light but it won't register on my IPod

Do you know why
Did you connect the data pins.These are the two middle pins. Apple is really evil and makes it hard for everybody to do anything involving their projects.
Can using a battery pack damage the phone in any way?
tektal1 year ago
Can you share the charging times please? Thank you.

I could also instead of 8 AAs use a 1or2 9v's that way it would be more compact, yes?
yes, but 9v doesnt have enough mah, it think.they can charge only 30-40 % i think
Nice simple design. I am working on a similar charger that incorporates a solar panel as well to charge NiMH batteries while camping. I am a novice, but understand that the 12 volt car charger converts 12 V to 5 V. As long as you have an input of around 5V, I would think it should also work and 4 AA batteries should suffice. There are similar chargers described that run on 4 NiMH batteries (4.8 V). Has anyone tried this?
i did, you can also make charger like mine(find it on my profile) but use only rechargeable 9v battery with solar panel. or you can use 4x1.2 v battery and solar panel,on battery of my phone(zte skate) there says that min. voltage for charging phone is 4.2 v, so almost dead batterys can charge my phone (4.2/4 = 1.05 )
also you can use 3x1.2 v battery and charge only battery directly (but i dont prefer that way),....there is 1000 ways to make portable phone charger, for camping maybe best is to use thermoelectric generator like kipkay.......uhhhh 1000 ways, 1000choice , and 0 hours to spend on each of them
Will it charge an iPhone from being flat to 100%? How long do the batteries last?
ivanjacob1 year ago
hey man, a car charger wil work from it's own output power-12 volt.
So you could just connect a 9 volt to make it more compact.
An if you wanted you could integrate a rechargeable battery pack so you wouldn't have to spend so much on batteries. Idk just ideas..
jon_chalk1 year ago
Once I learn how to solder I will make this instructable. The instructions here are very clear and easy to understand.