Easy Portable USB Charger





Introduction: Easy Portable USB Charger

Tutorial to show how to make a quick, cheap and easy portable USB charger for around $10 without knowing how to build complex circuits!

Used the following products:

USB Car Charger (Dollar Store)
8 AA Battery Holder (Radioshack)
8 AA Batteries (Dollar Store)
Project Enclosure (Radioshack)



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    would it work to make it without a switch?

    Good job enough ma to power a device

    Great Idea! but, you only need 7.2 volts to run the car charger, so you could do this with only 6 batteries.

    Can i make it with only 4 pcs LSD rechargeable battery?

    excellent, but what if you wanted to add rechargeable batteries and a solar panel? circuit of the car is a great idea!... Might add an optional diagram!?

    One little problem with this build was toward the end where the wire leads coming from the battery pack (the junctures with the extensions) were exposed so that they could potentially short. All they need is a little shrink tubing or some tape.

    What size is the project enclosure

    where would you get the wire (green wire that connects switch and the main board)

    Where can you get wire like that? The short piece you used?

    you can try to use 4x li-ion batteryes all of them are strong and reliable, I'm doing a sim
    illar project and getting great resutls with liion. :) took my old laptop battery, disasembled it and took the batteries out...