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So, my 8 year old son Ethan is obsessed with the Predator vs Alien movies and decided mid-september that he wanted to be the Predator. We watched the movies and mama started brainstorming. He was going to be predator no matter what I had to do! You cannot just go buy this costume, so I had to make it. the only store bought items for this costume was the Predator mask and the gun. I did this in about 3 weeks in my spare time from my 8-5er...

Step 1: Predator Body

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I had an old ninja turtle body suit that I spray painted silver. I shaded it with different hues of brown and tan spray-paint. I, then, hand-painted designs with a hand-made stencil and shaded out the ribs and muscles to make the body more realistic (and less ninja-turtley).

Step 2: Predator Head

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I contact-cemented (glued) the pre-made mask to a yard-sale bike helmet (that I painted black) to make the face more full. (I tried vinyl glue, hot glue, and super glue to no I ended up using contact cement and holding the piece until it dried on the helmet!) I got some gray Backer Rod from the hardware store and cut it in 12-14" sections for the dreadlocks. I spray painted it black for and used duct tape for the dreadlock decor. I ended up supergluing it to the outside of the mask for a 3D dreadlock effect, as the dreadlocks on the purchased mask were very disappointing.

Step 3: Blades

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the blade piece was made from an old soccer shin guard that had been spray-painted brown and tan, with hand-painted shading to match the body. I used an old Nokia phone box duct-taped to it (which was too tight for his arm later, so I had to remove the duct tape and secure it with a less tight electrical tape). I painted the box black, and hot-glued several hand-cut foam shapes and odds & ends to it for the designs. I cut out the blades from a cardboard lego box and spray-painted them silver, then hot-glued it to the box. I also painted accents on the top of the box. with silver craft paint

Step 4: Self Destruct Panel

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This was a MUST. I used a thick foam base and cut out designs to make the panel. I used velcro pieces to hold the foam around the wrist. for the red "electronic panel," I dissected red shiny christmas tree confetti and made the graphics for the panel. all of these tiny pieces were either super glued or hot glued to the foam using tweezers (due to the fact that I realized my fingers were too big...and hot glue such tiny pieces).

Step 5: Armor

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this was simply black foam sheets cut out from a hand-made cardboard stencil, sliced, diced, and hot-glued back together. I spray-painted them silver to look like metal and used velcro to secure them to the suit.

Step 6: Accessories

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I located an old belt (from what I am assuming is from an old Star Wars costume) and glued pieces of fabric to it. i found a bag of skulls and strung together a chest piece and hung the rest from his belt. Add in a skull necklace and the outfit is complete.


paul the maker (author)2015-11-08

it looks asome

ChadD14 (author)paul the maker2016-09-06

thanks, it took time and patience!

KreatorofKoolness (author)2016-06-11


good choice on AVP

thanks, it was all my son's idea. #parentingdoneright

cheap survivor2 (author)2015-10-28

The belt is a bobafet belt


coolman21 (author)2015-10-29

it's cute I would love to see my younger brother wear that

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