Easy Pvc Cross Bow





Introduction: Easy Pvc Cross Bow

A very easy to build crossbow.the stock is actually pine but the prod(bow)is pvc.the stirrup is just a piece of para cord so is the string but with some duct tape.the whole thing is spray painted silver.it shoots well and fast.all I had to buy was the wood which cost me about $5 in New Zealand(which is where I live).if you had to buy all the materials then it would cost $25-$30 I'm guessing.

Step 1: Prod

The prod is made of pvc.its the bow part of the crossbow.its just a 90cm piece of 20mm pipe flattened like you would make a bow.nothing fancy no recurves no anything just flattened pvc pipe.in fact I used a old bow

Step 2: The Stock

This toke about two hours to make.the wood is pine.the prod is lashed on with hemp twine.i added a pvc thing to hold the arrow in place. The trigger is a dowel that pushes the string up the string dosnt nock on to the bolt.

Step 3: Bolts

The shafts are pine dowels waxed with beeswax.fletchings are made of duct tape.the point is blunt in drilled a hole and then I glued nails in to them.i also added a groove for the string to hold onto.



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    7 Discussions

    i think you should show how to make the trigger system other than that its awesome

    Yes the bowstring sits on the notch but I've never had any in accuracy problems.

    The bowstring just sits in the notch? then as it is pushed up it engages the nock on the bolt(arrow)? No inaccuracy (I realize this is home brewed), or slipping off of the bolt as it is slid out of the notch? Do the bolts ever go skewed or even backwards?

    Please make another with more pics and do a video I am sure it is pretty cool to shoot, and the I made it myself factor makes it even better. I do believe these are illegal In NYC area, but I am not sure. Gotta go to a gun shop and ask!

    Flattening the bow's pipe gradually towards the ends is a great idea. It allows more energy to be stored in the ends of the bow at the beginning of the pull, and then more energy gets stored more towards the middle.

    That's awesome

    I had a few old fiberglass tent poles. I inserted one inside the prod. Found that it upped the power a lot. Didn't glue it or anything. It floats around a little. I'm working on lining the trigger notch with aluminum for a smoother release. Thanks.