Introduction: Easy "Quickie" Ombre for Nails

I don't have 5 different shades of the same hue of pink but I love the ombre look so I came up with a way to do it with just 2 colors! Pretty cool eh? For other little resources on nail art stuff check out my quickie ombre blog post at :) 

* dark colored nail polish 
* light colored nail polish
* base coat
* clear top coat
* cosmetic sponge
* nail polish remover
* orange stick 

5 - 10 minutes to apply 
5 - 10 minutes to cleanup 

Nothing if you already have the materials for this
$2 - $8 for an additional nail polish to use :) 


EaglesNest (author)2012-05-29

Tutorial is very clear with lots of explanations - but the music at the beginning drowns out your voice. Any chance of uploading it again without the music?

Just fixed it the vocal volume issue :) I'll make sure to not mumble from here on out :D

Ya know I noticed that too :P I'll see what I can do :) Thank you for the feedback!

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