video Easy "Quickie" Ombre for Nails
I don't have 5 different shades of the same hue of pink but I love the ombre look so I came up with a way to do it with just 2 colors! Pretty cool eh? For other little resources on nail art stuff check out my quickie ombre blog post at 365daygirl.com :) 

* dark colored nail polish 
* light colored nail polish
* base coat
* clear top coat
* cosmetic sponge
* nail polish remover
* orange stick 

5 - 10 minutes to apply 
5 - 10 minutes to cleanup 

Nothing if you already have the materials for this
$2 - $8 for an additional nail polish to use :) 
EaglesNest3 years ago
Tutorial is very clear with lots of explanations - but the music at the beginning drowns out your voice. Any chance of uploading it again without the music?
RemarkableJane (author)  EaglesNest3 years ago
Just fixed it the vocal volume issue :) I'll make sure to not mumble from here on out :D
RemarkableJane (author)  EaglesNest3 years ago
Ya know I noticed that too :P I'll see what I can do :) Thank you for the feedback!