Many times I wanted to wear a custom-made necklace which everyone would enjoy it. Now that the time has come. You can easily create yourself a colorful, unique, flashy medallion which shows a beautifully stitched ribbon. Good luck to prepare!

Step 1: How to Start?

What you need: - colored paper

- scissors



-a thin stick

-a little satin ribbon

First, the stripes of colored paper around. 0.2 inch color szélesre.Abból the basis of which they want to put aside a little pendant that will kilehessen cut a circle out of it.

Step 2: Beginning

A strip you'd like to create a framework for the medal rounds and put them aside. Then, grasp another thin strip and stick the strips begin to gently rolled around. If all goes well you will give you a ride which you can see in the picture. If you would like pointy-ended coil then pinch the ends of the circle and hold it for a while.

Step 3: The Last Roll

Let's end by three strips and glue together. Then, first one and then begin to roll up the other end. When we reached the end of one half to the other side we can begin pedaling.

Step 4: Be Happy With Your Craft!

Cut a circle from the colored paper which was set aside, but that is exactly what you can fit into the frame. If you are ready to take it to the medal framework and administer into the coils. Arrange it as we like it and you can also glue a round plate that was inserted into the frame. Let's join a band, thanks to her medallion and can be worn longer.

<p>What does pedaling mean? How do you create the twisted effect between the two rolls?</p>
<p>This is a very cool pendant, and I think I can understand the instructions. But I think the instructions were translated into English, and the translation was done so poorly that it is impossible to understand what is meant in some places. </p>

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