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In this Instructable I will walk you through the process of converting a Traxxas TQ radio transmitter to run on a rechargeable battery pack. This can save you hundreds of dollars! If you race consistently in any competitions or you just like to have fun at home you know it costs money to buy batteries for the remotes. Often, it is the vehicle that needs its power source replenished, but this remote is very high range and runs the batteries down pretty quick. In strenuous studies,(counting the batteries) I came to find that the remote runs on the same voltage as a replacement battery pack, 9.6v or eight batteries. The goal is simple, Stop Paying For Batteries! All you would have to do once the transfusion is complete is charge the battery pack and plug it in!

Step 1: What You Need...

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This is very simple, like i stated in the title. You need; a ruler, a knife, a Philips head screw driver, a battery pack, a pare of wire cutters, a pare of dikes, a sharpie(not pictured), a female plug that fits the battery and the remote.

Step 2: Cut It...

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Place the female plug against the plastic right above the bottom screw and then trace it with the sharpie. Then unscrew both halfs and cut along the line with the wire cutters horizontal and the dikes vertical. The cut should end up like this or if your good, it will be even. Take the knife and clean it up. Make sure the plug fits.

Step 3: Almost Done

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Now, solder the leads from the plug to the corosponding leads on the remote making sure the originals and the new leads are connected after the heat is apllied. Then put the side back on and your plug should sit in the hole ontop of the screw. Put it back together and your done! For a little added strength, run a bead of hotglue around the opening.


quincy trott (author)2014-02-10

i drive a homemade traxxax slash 6x6

p.s its also a instructable


needles300 (author)2009-07-28

8 aa battereis are only 4 dollars

ghouck (author)needles3002010-03-23

WAAAAY more than $4 for 8 where I live, more like $12.

danieljw (author)ghouck2011-10-17

ya where i live 4 aaa battereis cost $7. for aa it cost $12. for 4 battereis

The nerdling (author)needles3002011-08-02

$4!!!!!! i got mine for $27 but they are rechargeable

Mr.NHRA (author)needles3002009-07-28

not from where i get them they cost almost 20 dollars for 16 because they don't have 8 packs in stock.

needles300 (author)Mr.NHRA2010-03-23

i live in canada, so there cheap at hobbie shops but not in other stores

dude you can get 8 AA bateries at the dollar store for $2

yeah but they don't work that well

fallenspirit123 (author)2010-01-26

what model traxxas rc car do you have? 

Mr.NHRA (author)fallenspirit1232010-01-27

 Got a few, need parts for about half of them and looking for more. I have a Bandit VXL and a Tmaxx 3.5 and a couple parts cars for the tmaxx

fallenspirit123 (author)Mr.NHRA2010-02-03

cool, Ive been working on repairing computer to earn enough for a traxxas stampede

Nitro or Electric? I have the original electric one with the manual speed controller and I like it a lot. I upgraded it to the XL-5 but haven't had a chance to drive it because I have had to take parts off of it to put on my rustler VXL because I crashed it so many times. LOL.

Mr.NHRA (author)GTRPLR19952010-07-25

hey im looking for a working brushles system, do you know where to find one cheap? i can also trade you almost anything you want if you have one.

The nerdling (author)Mr.NHRA2011-08-02

try they are really cheap
i am saving up for a buggy from there

GTRPLR1995 (author)Mr.NHRA2010-07-25

I have one but im not lookin to trade. Try Ebay of Craigslist. Those are you best bets.

Im thinking about getting an an electric one


sharlston (author)2011-01-28

Great ible check out my rc ibles too :)

electro (author)2009-09-06

Nice instructable. Just some thoughts... If you were to remove the plug from the battery pack and fit one of the round DC connectors, where the outside was negative and the inside was positive, and then fit a socket to match, you can leave a set of batteries inside the controller that will run when the external pack is unplugged (this is because the socket has a switch on it that breaks the circuit from the original batteries and then applies power from the external pack when it is plugged in). That way you could still have a lightweight controller if you needed to go to the car for some reason, and then return to where you were and carry on with the larger pack. Also, you dont mention what to do with the larger pack you have fitted, ie is it just dangling from the socket? You could fit the socket as I mentioned above and have a long lead with the pack sitting on the floor (or in your pocket......but not in with keys or coins !!) or you could cut the plug from the battery pack you have, and extend the lead on your battery pack to reach your socket.

Mr.NHRA (author)electro2009-09-08

Thanks for your comment. I ran a rubber band around the battery and the top of the base of the controller and fastened it with a paper clip. Your other ideas are very cool I will try to post pictures of the band. Thanks!

kroner (author)2009-08-12

Nice, but why the ruler? Your instructible doesn't mention using it.

Mr.NHRA (author)kroner2009-08-13

I was going to use it to measure the plug and the hole.

Mr.NHRA (author)kroner2009-08-12

It was in my tool box. Oh! i remember i was going to measure the distance from each side to the hole.

Nastan (author)2009-07-20

u got traxxas slash or sumthing dont you

Mr.NHRA (author)Nastan2009-07-20

bandit but i traded it for a losi mini baja a few weeks ago

lightsaberlover5225 (author)2009-06-08

need to do this for myne to. it is bad havening to keep throwing away 8 batteries at a time, which is pretty much throwing away 5 bucks each time

Madrias357 (author)2009-06-04

I just bought a package of 8 AA Ni-MH rechargable batteries and some 15 minute chargers. Should have looked at this before...

bigfatgooglefat (author)2009-05-22

Great idea. As someone who has the TQ remote you have, it never even dawned on me to try this. No more wasting 8 batteries at a time!

Mr.NHRA (author)bigfatgooglefat2009-05-22

Yah, those AA batteries aren't cheep! Thanks for looking.

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