Easy RC Car Controller Mod





Introduction: Easy RC Car Controller Mod

In this Instructable I will walk you through the process of converting a Traxxas TQ radio transmitter to run on a rechargeable battery pack. This can save you hundreds of dollars! If you race consistently in any competitions or you just like to have fun at home you know it costs money to buy batteries for the remotes. Often, it is the vehicle that needs its power source replenished, but this remote is very high range and runs the batteries down pretty quick. In strenuous studies,(counting the batteries) I came to find that the remote runs on the same voltage as a replacement battery pack, 9.6v or eight batteries. The goal is simple, Stop Paying For Batteries! All you would have to do once the transfusion is complete is charge the battery pack and plug it in!

Step 1: What You Need...

This is very simple, like i stated in the title. You need; a ruler, a knife, a Philips head screw driver, a battery pack, a pare of wire cutters, a pare of dikes, a sharpie(not pictured), a female plug that fits the battery and the remote.

Step 2: Cut It...

Place the female plug against the plastic right above the bottom screw and then trace it with the sharpie. Then unscrew both halfs and cut along the line with the wire cutters horizontal and the dikes vertical. The cut should end up like this or if your good, it will be even. Take the knife and clean it up. Make sure the plug fits.

Step 3: Almost Done

Now, solder the leads from the plug to the corosponding leads on the remote making sure the originals and the new leads are connected after the heat is apllied. Then put the side back on and your plug should sit in the hole ontop of the screw. Put it back together and your done! For a little added strength, run a bead of hotglue around the opening.



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    i drive a homemade traxxax slash 6x6

    p.s its also a instructable




    8 aa battereis are only 4 dollars

    WAAAAY more than $4 for 8 where I live, more like $12.

    ya where i live 4 aaa battereis cost $7. for aa it cost $12. for 4 battereis

    $4!!!!!! i got mine for $27 but they are rechargeable

    not from where i get them they cost almost 20 dollars for 16 because they don't have 8 packs in stock.

    i live in canada, so there cheap at hobbie shops but not in other stores

    dude you can get 8 AA bateries at the dollar store for $2

    yeah but they don't work that well