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Introduction: Easy Rechargeable USB Lamp

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This came to me in a pinch, when I was needing a book light and did not want to kill my phone's battery to read. It worked well and I have also used it for crafting and sewing in low light areas. The lamp lasts a few hours on a full charge.

I feel most people own at least one of the items needed, if not both. If not, they are easily attainable and fairly cheap. Let's begin!

Step 1: Materials

USB Power bank (Target - Dollar Spot)

USB bendable light (Dollar Tree)

Both items are available at tons of other places, as well as online.

Step 2: "Building" the Lamp

Making sure your USB power bank is fully charged, plug your USB bendable light into the USB power bank and bend the neck to your desired position. That's it.

Step 3: Place Where It's Needed and Enjoy!!

I have found many uses for this lamp. You can even put it in translucent plastic container or empty plastic bottle to make it weatherproof, for outdoor fun or emergency purposes.



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So simple - didn't know these parts existed!