- Pair of White, Cream or Brown wool gloves
- 2 plain sweatshirts, blue, red or green
- Sewing Needle
- Thread that matches your gloves
- A yard of Light Brown fabric
- Iron-on sewing tape
- Sewing pencil
- White tulle
- 5 Christmas present bows
- Small scrap of dark brown fabric(optional)
- Pin-on US Army First Lieutenant bars (optional)
- Red Christmas tree bulb

Unfortunately I did not get any pictures of the process but I will explain it and show a picture of the results.

Step 1: Cut Out Reindeer Pattern

Using the sewing pencil, draw a reindeer shaped body and legs out of the light brown fabric. Cut an oval head out of the same fabric. Make the body a little longer than you would think. I used the following image for inspiration when drawing the body and head. The body+head should be large enough to fill both sweaters.
How muche tulle did you buy
<p>What pattern did you use for the reindeer?</p>
I used the picture of the reindeer posted on the instructable as inspiration and drew it freehand with a fabric pencil. I cut out the body and head separately.
Haha! You guys look awesome :)

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