Picture of Easy Removable Dorm Nerf Blaster Rack!
One of the biggest problems with owning things is... finding a place to put all those things.

Nerf blasters are no exception.  Finding a place to put them is a pain not only because they are kinda bulky, but also because they look so darn cool that you want to show them off.

Now, if you're a typical Nerf blaster owner, chances are, you don't own your home and you can't just willy-nilly drill holes in the wall.  Also, you're probably broke (because you spent all your money on blasters and darts) and can't afford to make a self-standing... stand.

Here's a solution to all these problems!  I've long looked for a way to hang nerf blasters in a way similar to gun-racks.  I had 3 design criteria:
1) CHEAP! - I'm a starving college student with a small stipend but big dreams on doing awesome things.  I wanted to do this as cheaply as possible.  (My apologies to any actual starving college student... this was to make a point...)
2) Removable - I found a lot of people used PVC or peg-board to make racks... but these people also used drills and nails... I designed this hanger for someone who has to move out every 8 months because the dorm is getting renovated again...
3) Off-The-Shelf - I've read tons of great instructables where the author laser-cut something then chucked it into his rudimentary lathe before imbuing it with paladium... sadly, we're not all blessed with a fabrication shop.  I wanted to go to the store and see what I could combine or make with little to no fabrication.

And without further ado... Removable Dorm Nerf Blaster Rack!

[I will talk about 3M Command stips a lot, but I am in no way, shape, or form an affiliate of the 3M Company or any of its subsidiaries... They are the only major removable adhesive tape manufacturer I know of, so that's what I used.]