Picture of Easy Reversible Tote
Project bag, shopping bag, what-have-you, this reversible tote is no-frills but uber versatile.  Start with the base pattern and embellish to suit your needs.  Make something unique and never lose your bag again!

Be sure to choose woven (not knit) fabrics.  I recommend cotton as so many colors and prints are available in this natural fiber.  It's sturdy and washes well.  If you prefer something tougher, choose a washable outdoor upholstery fabric.

Skills required: measuring, drawing, machine sewing
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Step 1: What you will need

Picture of What you will need
Roll of wrapping paper
Pen or pencil
Paper scissors
Iron and ironing board
Fabric scissors
Piece of chalk
Sewing pins
Sewing machine
3/4 yard woven cotton fabric (side A)
3/4 yard woven cotton fabric (side B)
1/2 yard lightweight fusible interfacing
Large safety pin

Step 2: Launder your fabrics

If using cotton fabric, now is the time to wash and dry it to prevent shrinkage when laundering the final product.

Iron your fabrics once dry.

Step 3: Make your pattern

Picture of Make your pattern
This project really only requires one pattern piece.  Take the roll of wrapping paper, and on the back, draw a square 18" by 18" (view A).

At each bottom corner, draw a 3" square cut-in (view B).

Using paper scissors, cut out your pattern (view C).  This will be the body of the tote.

Step 4: Cut your fabrics

Picture of Cut your fabrics
Take each piece of fabric and match selvages (view A).  If the fabric has a print, make sure the printed side faces out.

Pin your pattern piece to the very top of the raw edge on a piece of fabric (view B).  Cut out the pattern piece.

Take the remaining scraps of fabric and lay them out flat again.  Mark out two equal strap pieces horizontally with your chalk and yardstick, this time starting from the bottom up (view C).  Cut fabric along chalk lines.

Repeat with second piece of fabric (view D).