Here is how to easily modify your existing steel rip fence to make easier rabbet cuts with your dado blades. The dado blade sits underneath the slot in the wooden fence, allowing you to make easier rabbet cuts.

You will need:
A 2x4 or there around piece of lumber
3 or 4 bolts, I used three 1/4" wide, 2" long bolts with 3 washers, nuts and lock washers
A table saw
2 C-clamps
A small, pointed object
Drill press or hand drill with appropriate bits, I used a 1/4" inch bit and a 3/4" bit

Step 1: Examine Your Rip Fence

My rip fence came with 3 pre-drilled 1/4" holes in it. If your rip fence does not have pre-drilled holes in it, you can safely drill 3 or 4 1/4" holes in it without compensating its integrity. To do this, measure out 3 or 4 holes on your rip fence. If your saw blade is in the middle or near the middle of the rip fence, measure out 4 holes. If the blade is closer to the back of the rip fence, 3 holes is enough. MAKE SURE that you do not put the holes in the area where the blade cuts, keep the holes at least an inch or two from the blade area.
nice job- I wonder if using a synthetic deck plank would be a good idea- less risk of warping. Of course then you probably would have to buy the material and not be able to scrounge it.
Pressed paper board is stable and at spots like Home Depot. It is stronger in most ways than you would ever suspect and weather will not effect it (indoors). They usually have one inch thick by about 30 inch lengths. A bit of Formica would stop surface wear from wood touching the board. And you could also laminate it to strand board or plywood for extra thickness and strength.
Yes, a synthetic plank would probably work, but I like to be green and use scrap.
If you don't want to drill the holes in your fence, you can add a wood fence using HoleClamps <br>http://www.grip-tite.com/GT1/HoleClamp.html<br><br>With those, you just drill a couple of vertical holes in the sub fence and clamp on.<br><br>
Oops; hit &quot;post comment&quot; too fast: also meant to say, great idea &amp; 'ible. I've favorited it.
Thanks. And dowel center points, never heard of them before. What a novel idea, it would come in handy often! Thanks for showing me them.
Dowel center points, or transfer plugs, would help in step 3: http://amzn.to/aT0vcV

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