Picture of Easy Rubberband Car
This is an easy to make rubberband car using a paper towel tube for the body. I've made these cars with groups of kids at Library programs several times and it's always lots of fun. You’ll need a paper towel tube, two old CDs, a couple of pencils, one jumbo paperclip, about 5 rubberbands (these MUST be #14 size! it won’t work nearly as well, if at all, with fatter or thinner rubberbands), lots of masking tape, scissors, a ruler, a single-hole punch, and some corrugated cardboard for front wheels.
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Step 1: Punch holes for axles

Picture of Punch holes for axles
Use the hole punch to make holes for the axles, two straight across from each other on either end. It helps the car roll better if the wheel holes are lined up and square with each other, front to back and side to side. Using a ruler to draw a line down the side of the tube can make it easier to line up the holes.

Step 2: Enlarge axle holes in tube

Picture of Enlarge axle holes in tube
Use the big end of the jumbo paper clip to enlarge all the axle holes in the paper towel tube. If you just push a pencil through the hole punch hole it will be too tight to turn freely. Where the pencils fit into the wheels needs to be a tight fit. Where the pencil goes through the tube/body needs to be a loose fit (seems obvious, but it’s a common problem).

Step 3: Front wheels and axle

Picture of Front wheels and axle
The front wheels and axle! I prepared the front wheels ahead of time, they are 2 1/2 inch diameter circles cut from corrugated cardboard with a starter hole poked in the center with a sharp pencil. Push the pencil through the wheels so that they fit tightly on the pencil--the pencil should turn freely in the holes in the paper towel tube.
aqua 121 year ago
Lots of steps! I'm loving it!
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