I'm not really very crafty. Some might call me craft challenged, sooo honestly if I managed to make up these bags ANYONE can do it.

The secret is no sewing - yup just stick it - and you too can have fabulous ruffled gift bags.

Plus the bags are pretty low cost, paper crepe streamers are about a zillion* times cheaper than ribbon (* ok that statement may not be completely technically accurate I am not actually qualified to give reliable or realistic statistics ).

I used the bags in the picture as party loot bags to give out at my daughter's pink shabby chic princess party, but you could easily change the colors to make a fabulous baby shower, or even add extra layers and colors for a totally amazing rainbow ruffle.

Also the technique works just as well on plain brown paper bags without handles as it does these slightly fancier ones in the picture.

Once you start sticking the options are endless.

I have used double sided tape as I had it available, but you could easily use glue. If you are using glue instead of tape just  use the glue in place of the tape in each step.

OK what are you waiting for....get sticking.

Equipment and Materials
  • paper bags
  • Crepe paper streamers in 2 different colors
  • lace
  • scissors 
  • double sided tape or glue
  • extra glue (optional but recommended if you have used double sided tape)

Step 1: Adhere the Lace

Lay the bag down flat and adhere a length of double sided tape horizontally across the paper bag approximately halfway between the top and bottom of the bag.

Remove the protective backing from the tape and press a length of lace along the tape pressing down to secure it.

Cut excess lace away.

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