Scrimshaw, the etching or carving of bone, tooth , shell, or ivory (ivory may be illegal unless obtained before the laws were passed)
Usually done by sailors (1800's) on long voyages to pass the time.

Step 1: Get Some Scrimshaw Stuff to Etch or Carve

You will need something to etch or carve. Usually, shell, bone, antler, or ivory. I have tried, bone ,antler,  teeth, ivory, polymer (ivory simulation), shell and glass! I found an old piano that had real Ivory keys. What a find! Then I found some keys that look exactly like the Ivory ones, but they were polymer plastic look- alikes. You can test for real ivory by heating a needle, held with plyers till red hot on the end. Touch to the key and if it goes into it easily its plastic, the Ivory will not puncture or melt like the plastic ones. Also grind and edge,  one will smell like plastic and the other won't.
<p>GREAT Instructable !! ... I appreciate your simple/clean rendering style, and your 'Expendables Logo' example shows what talent you have ! And, I LOVE your bike... used to own a BSA 650 Lightning (same mechanicals) back in the day...</p><p>Try using the same fast technique you used on the 'Expendables' piece of shaw.with COLOR.. and Google the avante-guard artist (Hunter S. Thompson's gonzo illustrator) ' Ralph Steadman' for some inspiration !</p><p>Keep up the good work, my young friend.</p>
At what point do you describe the actual etching process?
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Bio: Son of a son of a sailor.
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