Step 14: A Scrimshaw Piece for My Wifey!

I did this from a photo of my wifey's horse! It is on a slab of deer antler! Not too bad!
<p>GREAT Instructable !! ... I appreciate your simple/clean rendering style, and your 'Expendables Logo' example shows what talent you have ! And, I LOVE your bike... used to own a BSA 650 Lightning (same mechanicals) back in the day...</p><p>Try using the same fast technique you used on the 'Expendables' piece of shaw.with COLOR.. and Google the avante-guard artist (Hunter S. Thompson's gonzo illustrator) ' Ralph Steadman' for some inspiration !</p><p>Keep up the good work, my young friend.</p>
At what point do you describe the actual etching process?
Wow, if I could win the Epelog Laser Cutter Challenge Contest I could make some awesome stuff! Please vote for my Instructable! Thanks.
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