Easy Sculpey Elder Wand From Harry Potter





Introduction: Easy Sculpey Elder Wand From Harry Potter

I will show you how to create the Elder Wand for about $5.00 using Super Sculpey. Now you don't have to be a super sculpter to make this either, all you need to do this is snakes, coils and spheres.

Step 1: Materials

All you need is:
Wire (a coat hanger will work)
Aluminum Foil
shoe polish (liquid not paste)
sculpting tools (optional)
Super Sculpey

Step 2: Building the Body of the Wand

Cut a length of wire approximately 16 inches
Wrap the foil around the wire tightly to build up the body of the wand starting about 2 inches from the bottom and tapering at the top. Leave about 3/4 inch from the top. the body of the wand should measure about 1/8 inch across when fully wrapped.
you will use about 2 feet of foil.
 you base of the wand should be about 3/8 inches thick.

Step 3: Starting the Sculpt

Start by wrapping the entire body of the wand with sculpy and smoothing it out as thin as possible.
Then make small snakes and coil them around the wand to form the beads on the body.
start with a small snake about 2 inches in length and about 1/8 inch thick and gradually make thicker snakes and repeat until you have your rough shape of the wand.

Step 4: Smoothing and Detail Work

Now Start smoothing out your beads until well blended with the body of the wand.
Next you want to make a series of indentions and holes on the beads and the handle of your wand. I like to use a drill tool to do this, you could use a drill bit to do the same thing. Make odd irregular sizes think pipe bowel.
Next you want to drag a tool on the wand shaft to make tool marks to emulate carve marks.
Now we have to make the base of the wand. First make a sphere about 1 inch across and then pinch each end to make a diamond shape and push onto the end of your wand, smooth the end and then cut off the other end of your diamond.
Next take your tool and make indentions around the base of the wand.
Bake to manufactures instructions and let cool completely.

Step 5: Painting and Finishing

Start by painting the entire wand black careful to get all the nooks and crannies.
Allow each layer of paint to dry before applying the next coat
Next dry brush brown paint on the beads and handle.
Next lightly dry brush yellow paint on the wand body trying only to get all the high spots on the wand leaving the blackened areas for your shadows.
Do the same with white around the wand band.
Now brush black shoe polish hit it with a hair dryer on high heat.
Repeat now with brown covering the whole wand.
Now the white only on the band.
Cut the wire on the end and file smooth
now you are done.



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    Does Super Sculpey need to be put into a clay oven to harden or does it air dry? I have never used this stuff....

    I have never used this stuff but something similar. If you live in a warm climate and can put it in direct sunlight for a few hours it might harden sufficiently.

    That has worked for me.

    It is an oven bake clay

    Does this hold up for children to play with?

    I would not recommend this for children under 6 because the wire inside might pose a safety issue. We have found these to be quite durable though, quite a bit more so than the official version from Harry Potter world.

    This is the coolest thing ever!!!

    you, sir, are a genius. they sell wands at orlando for, like 30$ and this project costs about 2 cents.

    Thank you..I've had a lot of fun making these things..i have made "every" wand so far

    Can I Have The Elder Wand Because My Son Wants One Really Bad?