I will show you how to create the Elder Wand for about $5.00 using Super Sculpey. Now you don't have to be a super sculpter to make this either, all you need to do this is snakes, coils and spheres.

Step 1: Materials

All you need is:
Wire (a coat hanger will work)
Aluminum Foil
shoe polish (liquid not paste)
sculpting tools (optional)
Super Sculpey
Does Super Sculpey need to be put into a clay oven to harden or does it air dry? I have never used this stuff....
<p>I have never used this stuff but something similar. If you live in a warm climate and can put it in direct sunlight for a few hours it might harden sufficiently. </p><p>That has worked for me.</p>
It is an oven bake clay
<p>Does this hold up for children to play with?</p>
I would not recommend this for children under 6 because the wire inside might pose a safety issue. We have found these to be quite durable though, quite a bit more so than the official version from Harry Potter world.
<p>This is the coolest thing ever!!!</p>
<p>can you tell me a spell please</p>
you, sir, are a genius. they sell wands at orlando for, like 30$ and this project costs about 2 cents.
Thank you..I've had a lot of fun making these things..i have made &quot;every&quot; wand so far
Can I Have The Elder Wand Because My Son Wants One Really Bad?
I just have one question, can you sand sculpture?
Yes you can sand and machine the clay when fully cured.
Mine looks good, but the yellow I used is too yellowy. :( For the the last coat of brown did you dilute it with water?
wow great job...that looks good. About the yellow try putting brown shoe polish on it, just do a few light coats allowing each coat to dry, I like to use a hair dryer it will look good I promise. I always do a real BRIGHT yellow and deepen it up with dark shoe polish. The polish is good because it is semi transparent and it will allow the yellow to &quot;poke through&quot; keep up the good work. I can show you more of my wands if you like
That would be awesome to see some more of your work thanks for the instructable and the tips!
Absolutely fantastic!
That looks amazing! You can't tell it is made of wire and sculpey.
Nicely done!
Look's great!

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