Step 6: Fill the Bottom

Now fill the bottom of your bottle with water. You want it to where it just touches the cap. And there you have it, your plant is good to grow, just check on it ever now and then to make sure it got plenty of water and the soil is nice and damp.
I took a nestle 23.7 fl oz bottle with a fliptop -> cut it in half -> turned the top half upside down and cut the flip cap off. The mouthpiece already had holes so it turned out great!
thank you for this instructable greatchrismyster! I rushed to make my own out in my garden and I will use this technique in my school garden. I always get worried my vegetables dry up during the weekend. I can't drive during the weekend to come water coz i live far from school. the students are loving the garden, so since it's very hot here, i will try your technique, plus we are recycling water bottles already. <br> <br>thanks to pyromomma for the tip about the coton thread tip! ingenious
I remember making bongs the same way...
Nice instructable, I think I will use this for starting my plants.<br />
Great idea but may I ask what plant that is you are growing? Very intriguing looking. Thanks for a good instructable!
they are a mixture of different types of sunflowers, some are dwarf, others are the 5 to 6 foot kind that have been dwarfed because of the pot
Nice job! I love to make these. A hint for plants that only like to be barely moist: A strip of cotton sheeting or a length of cotton string threaded through one of the holes in the cap before planting will help slowly wick the water into the soil. The cap does not have to touch the water. Hint 2: Once your seeds are growing well, transplant to a larger container - make a self watering one out of a larger "bottle" like a plastic gallon milk jug or 2 gallon water jug. Hint 3: Dilute a very tiny bit of water-soluble fertilizer (like Miracle Fro, etc) in the water once the seeds have grown 3-4 leaves. Good instructions, thank you!
Nice instructable, good for recycling water bottles too.
thanks, i'm an avid gardener now, mostly growing sunflowers for my girlfriend, these pots have worked perfectly for me, i just start the seed and put them in these pots, they grow themselves, the water has always stayed moist without roting the roots, and to acknowledge the environment, cant grow plants when you're polluting them.

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