Picture of Easy Shelves from Old Wooden Crates
A friend of mine lives across the street from a wine distributor, and recently found a heap of wooden wine-boxes on the sidewalk. Knowing that his clever DIY friends would probably want them, he dragged them in to his garage, then called his friends.

I grabbed as many as I could, and dragged them to my shop.

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Step 1: The Stuff!

Picture of The Stuff!
In this Instructable I used the following goods:
  • 8 Wooden Wine Crates
  • A bunch of A-Clamps
  • A drill
  • A 1/4" drill bit
  • Fistful of cable ties
  • pliers
DiY-WiLL1 year ago
Nice. I did a similar thing... but all my boxes are different sizes! It's on my page.
HollyMann2 years ago
I love this - simple and stylish too! :) Great re-use of boxes/crates. Are those nails sticking through them though? :)
audreyobscura (author)  HollyMann2 years ago
No, its the staples that hold the tops of the crates in place, I ripped those all out. :D
wilgubeast2 years ago
What a simple, clever idea!
audreyobscura (author)  wilgubeast2 years ago