Picture of Easy Shibori Print with Inkodye
Turn an inexpensive pashmina into a custom work of art using Inkodye and a bit of sunshine!

This is an easy alternative to tie-dye and shibori that uses sunlight rather than soda ash as a fixative. This technique is incredibly easy and also works beautifully for DIY clothing, pillows and smaller items like handkerchiefs.

Step 1: Used in this project:

Picture of Used in this project:
- Inkodye Red
- Inkowash
- Large bowl or bucket
- Water
- Gloves
- Pashmina
- Large work surface (e.g. a big piece of cardboard)

Make sure your pashmina isn’t polyester – Inkodye works best on natural fabrics like cotton, silk and rayon. All you need for this project is a scarf, Inkodye and Inkowash.