Picture of Easy Simple Duct tape pencil case
This instructable is on how to make a duct tape pencil case that could easily be used as a simple wallet or makeup bag.

After a shopping spree on stationary for university I realised I forgot 1 thing a pencil case so why go buy one when you can make one.

It takes approximately 15 minutes to make with minimal materials and effort.
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
Not much you will need Just the following:

Duct Tape
A Resealable Freezer bag
Scissors or A Knife

Step 2: Getting Started

Picture of Getting Started
Ok so we have all the materials it's time to start the build.

Firstly cut a strip of duct tape that is a bit longer in width of the bag, a few centimetres on both sides.

Lay the top most edge of the bag on the top edge of the tape (sticky side up) leaving a bit of space either side where the tape over hangs.

Fold the flaps that over hang onto the other side and pat down to form a good seal.

Cut another strip similar length and lay it downplace the bag over it again so the new tape overlaps the old by about a centimetreand pat down.

fold over the over hang and pressdown to seal.

you can continue this process until you are satisfied with the size of the bag or you run out of bag length.

For me I only wanted a small bag so I only repeated this step 3 times

Step 3: Termination of the bag

Picture of Termination of the bag

once you have reached the length you desire you can cut the rest of the bag off but keep about 2 centimetres.

Do another layering process which overhangs off the bottom also by again a similar amount. Fold the overhang that is at the bottom over onto the front side and seal.

You will end up with a tab like feature on both sides you can cut these off.

Now place another layer at the bottom of the bag that only overhangs on the sides and seal round the edge onto the other face.



Esther7754 years ago
This is So Creative