Easy Skirts From Clothing, Ties, and Inner Tubes

Picture of Easy Skirts From Clothing, Ties, and Inner Tubes
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I have never tried to alter clothing until now.  I understand why everyone here loves to do this.  It is much easier to alter  clothes than to start from scratch.  I will be making more of these because it was fun to design my own. 
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Step 1: Things I Used

Picture of Things I Used
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I used basic sewing notations and a sewing machine.  I sewed some things by hand because my machine won't sew some things.  I used old jeans, a formal gown, a shirt, old 80's fabric, a dress, neck ties, inner tubes, snaps, and old buttons. 

Step 2: Formal Gown To A Dressy Top

Picture of Formal Gown To A Dressy Top
instructables burda contest 093.jpg
blue top and skirt.jpg
instructables burda contest 196.jpg
All I did for the formal gown is cut off the top of the gown and hemmed the bottom to make a dressy blouse. It was so quick and easy. The only sewing was to hand sew the bottom hem.  It has a zipper in the back and it was fun to make.

Step 3: Blouse To A Cropped Vest

Picture of Blouse To A Cropped Vest
instructables burda contest 180.jpg
denim inner red.jpg
All I did was cut off several inches of the bottom of this shirt and hemmed it to make a cropped vest.  I tucked  the tip from a necktie in one pocket to give it a little color. 
Love your outfits!
sunshiine (author)  Very Interesting3 years ago
They were so much fun to create and make. I love the inner tube one. Thanks for commenting and have a great fall!
sunshiine (author) 4 years ago
The inner tube skirt can be machine washed on delicate with cool water. I have not used a dryer to dry it but I think it would be ok on a very low setting.
Did you machine sew the inner tube? Do you know what needle size - sharp or blunted? Thanks! Really cute!
sunshiine (author)  ItsAnewDay3 years ago
Thanks for commenting! I used a heavy needle designed for leather I don't recall the size but I think it was 18? I don't know what you mean about blunted. Never heard of that before. Yes it is machine sewn. Have a great day! Sunshiine