Easy Skulls - How to Paint Wicked Cool Skulls the Easy Way, Airbrush





Introduction: Easy Skulls - How to Paint Wicked Cool Skulls the Easy Way, Airbrush

About: I'm an amateur custom painter that loves to share all the cool tricks that i learn along the way.

This is how professional artists paint wicked skulls. Using templates it's ridiculously easy.



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    where can i get some cool stencils from

    There are parts of the detailing where all I see is the back of your hand. If you ever update these tutorials, I hope you can find an assistant to hold the camera. I'll volunteer.

    excellent tutorial and explanation, great music as well. thank you sir!

    that looks freakin awesome!!!!!!!! do you do this to make your living or is this just your hobby??

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    I wish. I actually have a 9-5 job. This is just a hobby I feel in love with. Who doesn't like customizing everything they own?

    Have you thought of doing motorcycle and car shows? That's pretty much how Mike L. (True Fire guy) got so famous. P.S. Watching your videos has inspired me to give it a try! Getting a gun and compressor this week.....we'll see how it goes, keep the vids coming. thanks,

    your airbrush is not connected to a hose or anything. What powers it?

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    pause the picture at about 45 seconds. Look at his arm it's right abive it.

    Fantastic work.Can you please get me a picture of the template

    Dude, this is sweet. Me and my friend are trying to start a case-modding business, and i just happen to have an airbrush. I've been watching your videos and am trying to learn, and im having a hard time remembering everything. >.> Can you start, like, putting a list fo the steps or somehting? Then i could print it out and make this much easier. xD

    Wow.. you know a lot about airbrushing and stuff. Did you take this as a class or something, I was just wondering.

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    Yeah, I learned by watching videos and stuff on the internet mostly. I love giving back a little.

    I like the info, but I wasn't sure what the final effect would be since half the video was just a huge hairy hand. ;o) + nonetheless.

    Very nice job. I agree, the purple really does make it pop. +1

    the purple really makes it pop. great job

    Thats one primo job. Loved the purple addition, it really made it pop. Nice Instructable+