Sick of crawling behind your PC to plug in those pink and green Skype headset connectors?

Some computers only have sound connectors on the back.


Not only is it a pain, but then your PC speakers are unplugged too.

So it is back to the floor again behind yer dusty desk.

You can fix this hassle in five minutes or less for about a buck.

Just use an audio 3.5mm stereo extension cord for the microphone and plug the headphone into the PC speaker.

This makes using Skype, Yahoo Voice, Google Talk, and other services easier.

That is all there is to it.

The rest of this Instructable is just step by step photos.

Step 1: How to Spend a Buck

How's about a 15 foot audio extension cord for just a dollar?

That's the Trisonic TS-1247 in the photo.

3.5 mm stereo plug at one end.

And a 3.5 mm stereo jack at the other.

Similar cords are available at dollar stores around the country.
or u could just use a desk top mic and a pair of spkrs
I just think that using a stereo cable with a mono Mic will result in a lot of interference.
actually, they are "Backwards" compatible. the tips and sleeves line up and the ring is ignored.
&nbsp;One thing I have done, and regrettably not posted I have made a set of light up speakers and I used a small pair of battery speakers as the amp for the lights, the only problem was the cord for the light amp was only like 3 inches, so I went to my local &quot;Neighborhood&quot; radioshack, (20 minutes away) and picked up a 3.5 mm headphone jack. in this project you could cut the end off of the extension cord and actually wire it into the base of the speakers, yes it'd be harder and you wouldn't be able to transfer it as easily &nbsp;but it does make a good clean look<br /> <br />
Thanks i asked a question about this and then found this ible right after.
I did this before seeing the Instructable.Great minds think alike.I gave you the rating you deserve(good)
I have a built in mic and speakers on my macbook that I use for skype, but on my desktop I added a jack to the back of my speakers
Yeah, laptops are easier all around for sure. You added mic jack to the back of the speakers ? Built-in would be cool. As you can see I did not even bother to sit the speaker on top of the extension cord. Ya know it is going to fall behind the desk ending all the convenience I am talking about.
Yeah, built in to the speaker. Maybe I'll make an ible
That is seriously nice. You should make an ible for sure.
Another thing for skype would be a bluetooth headset inside an old cellphone. I'm getting a headset from amazon ($4.99!) and I might try it.