This easy sliding lamp uses tension to be easily repositioned vertically along a steel cable. The design was inspired by the Parentesi Lamp which I saw in the book Nomadic Furniture 2. While the design is very similar, my version uses easy-to-find parts such as a bike handlebar, exercise weights, and a bolt-on adjustable work light. As such, this take on the lamp can be made for significantly cheaper than the $550 list price of the Parentesi Lamp.

The nice thing about this lamp is how customizeable it is. Aside from being easily positioned, it can also be expanded to include multiple lamps on the same steel cable. With a bit of redesign, it could potentially be mounted horizontally or - really - so long as the cable is kept tensioned, at any angle you would like. Any which way you decide to go, this is a cheap, easy, and stylish weekend project.

Step 1: Lamp Materials

You will need:

(x1) Adjustable Mini Arm Light
(x1) Bike handlebar
(x3) 5 pound round weights
(x1) 3D Printed Lamp Bracket***
(x1) 4" steel cover plate
(x1) 1/4-20 turnbuckle
(x1) 10' x 3/16" plastic coated steel cable
(x2) 3/16 compression sleeves
(x2) 3/16 wire rope thimble
(x1) 6" x 3/4" spring (or similar)
(x1) 1/4-20 x 1" bolt
(x4) 1/4-20 x 3/4 hex head bolt
(x4) 1/4-20 nut
(x1) Threaded bolt hook
(x1) Light bulb
(x1) 15' 2-wire black fabric cord (optional)
(x1) 2-prong power plug (optional)
(x2) 1" sections of heat shrink tubing (optional)

***See the next step for more information and alternate solutions.

<p>lovely idea, defenitly a build i want to make<br><br>however I would modify and put the spring at the top, just in case someone pulls on the the cable it will be softer on the ceiling hook.<br><br>have you tried this configuration?</p>
<p>Nope. Have not tried doing it that way.</p>
<p>Very cool. How easy do you think it would be to thread the power cord through the handlebars? Too much friction with the other cable already in there?</p>
<p>You could replace the power cord with a coiled telephone-style cord that winds around the cable and exits at the base. It'd be short enough to be fully coiled when the lamp was low but have enough give to reach a comfortable height.</p>
<p>Not sure. Maybe a little bit, but it shouldn't be too terrible if it doesn't get twisted around the cable.</p>
<p>Now this I really like. The simplicity, and that it works so well is what good design is all about. Floor standing lamps have one basic fault, the stand and the tube that attach. These are normally built to a price and fail within a year. This will not. The fact that the majority of floor lamps once put in place, are only moved for cleaning the floor, is accommodated within the design. I am off to the hardware store to get the parts. Thank you.</p>
<p>You can find the original in the book &quot;Nomadic Furniture&quot; by Victor Papanek. Way out of print but it has tons of great ideas.</p>
<p>What a great design</p>
<p>The wire for sourcing the power should be meticulously hidden. It somewhat gets into eyes and disturbs the minimalistic design. </p>
When I saw this instructable I immediately thought of a vacuum cleaner cord which would retract automatically.
<p>Ahhh, Nomadic Furniture 1 &amp; 2. Years and years later and they still inspire. I lent my son my copies, under pain of death return them, when he just moved out into his own first apartment. They are full of great ideas that I still want to try even though I am not exactly nomdadic any more!</p>
<p>Make upgrade with LED and rechargeable batteries. And cut off ugly black cable:)</p>
<p>Nice idea, well executed.</p>
<p>I love it! Great picture and very nice idea!</p>
<p>Very cool- this would make a great garage/workshop light. </p>

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