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Introduction: Easy Smurf Costume With Pattern

It will take you longer to paint yourself blue than it will to make this easy Smurf costume! In ten minutes or less, you can make this super simple Smurf hat (known historically as a Phrygian cap) from the pattern included. All you need is some white fleece (or red if you're dressing as Papa Smurf!) and basic sewing skills (ok, I won't tell if you use staples instead), and you're ready to go!

Step 1: Materials

I used 1/2 yard of white polar fleece for this hat. I ended up stuffing the tip of it with polyester fiber fill. Traditionally, these types of hats were often used to store and carry supplies. Sort of like head pockets! What do you think Smurfs kept in there?

Download and print out the attached pdf pattern, gather your scissors and thread (ok, I used a sewing machine for this), and let's get started.

Step 2: Cut

Tape together the two pattern pieces, and compare the bottom measurement with your head measurement. You may want to adjust the pattern to be larger or smaller to suit your needs. I made the pattern extra long so I could fold the excess to the inside. You can decide how long you want the hat as well!

Trace the adjusted pattern onto your fabric.

Add 1/2" seam allowance all the way around and cut out. You'll want to cut out two pieces.

Sew the pieces together along the curved edge, leaving open along the bottom.

Turn the hat right-side out.

Step 3: Finish

I stuffed some polyester fiber fill into the end of the hat to make it look more cartoony.

Next I tried the hat on and figured out where it bent naturally on my head. I pinned the tip to the body of the hat and sewed it down so it wouldn't be so floppy.

That's it! Add your blue body suit (or, if you're very brave, paint), white pants or dress, and you're ready to go Smurfing around town!



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    This is brilliant! Going to be making this tonight for my halloween outfit.. Zombie Smurf.. :)

    If I am using fleece material I only need to use part A. To enlarge part A do I just blow it up on a copier? Thanks

    Very Cute hat smurf hat! Do I enlarge the pattern on a copier and also what is pattern B for the base of the hat I am supposed to use two of pattern A right ? thanks

    I wanted to learn to make a Phrygian cap,
    this looks good to me!

    1 reply

    You're amazing! I'm so glad I could help.

    Since you apparently have so much blue paint, you should do Mystique from Xmen this year Sarah :D

    1) Excellent costume, and the Instructable was well done too.

    2) She's a Smurfin' hottie. :-)

    ...couldn't resist. (grin)

    2 replies

    ur a pervert. shes probably 18, ur like 85


    He was just joking

    I don't remember Easy Smurfette....OH...the costume is easy...I get it now. j/k


    This looks great, although I have one question:
    It looks like you used 2 pieces of piece A. Where does piece B figure into these steps? On your pattern, piece B does not have a coned top.

    Also, did you finish the bottom edge?--Thanks

    3 replies

    Part B gets taped onto the bottom of Part A, with the two hash marks aligned. I did not finish the bottom edge because I was using fleece. If you use a woven material, you will need to finish the bottom edge, or it will fray. Great questions!

    Oh, thanks. I guess that makes sense now that you pointed it out.
    The pattern was split into 2 sections because it's larger than a piece of paper. Thank you so much.
    I am making this for a friend and if the rest of her costume comes together, I will try to post a picture.

    Looking forward to seeing it!

    As a child I read all of the original French "Schtroumpf" kid books and I laugh every time I see the English adaptation of the name... it sounds so... squishy !!

    Regardless of that, nice costume... and I love the blue skin !!!