Step 4:

As you can see in this picture, the box is on its ‘back’ and doesn’t look like a typical ‘box cooker.’  When the sun is low (this was taken Nov. 1) it works best in this configuration and almost resembles the ‘wedge cooker’ I described before.  The two wings and small reflector inserts function exactly the same.  Even here in New Mexico the sun is fairly low in the sky in the winter and will strike the cooking pot better in this position.  The glazing (plexiglass) is held in place with two little clamps made with ¼ inch bolts, wing nuts and wood blocks.

This is one of the simpler designs I have seen for a solar oven. I like it.
<p>Thank you so much.</p>
Just a quick question. When you put the plexiglass in place, would your cookinh vessel already be inside?
<p>Yes, the front is the only opening. Place the pot inside - lay the plexi on top and hold it in place with the little homemade clips.</p>
Thank you. It does make quite a nice cooker - very durable and it works very good.
I love it. A scouts dream, man.

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