Here is an easy solar powered nightlight. 

Material List:
1/8" Baltic Birch Plywood
Solar Yard Light
Tape (may need) (might also need scissors)
Nuts, Bolts, Lock Washers & Washers
Screwdriver and wrench
Small Plastic Tube

I found the solar yard light at the Dollar Tree (for yes just $1) I have also seen similar ones at Menards for $3-5) 

Step 1: Design Robot

I designed my robot in CorelDRAW and used Boxit to 3-D the design. 
I used Boxit 4 times for the head, body, one leg and one arm. Then copied the one leg and one arm so I now have two legs and two arms. 

I measured the solar light and that determined Robbie's minimum head size.  I added an extra inch width to his head because I thought it looked better. 
The eyes are lower to account for the solar light height.
The center eye hole circles are sized to hold LEDs (and LED holders) if I wanted to wire them in later.

The body was just to look good with the head, has the same depth as the head.
I designed the gears and named him "Robbie" the kiddy name for Robot.

The arms were designed to look proportional to the body & head.
Depth is half the body depth.

The legs are the same depth as the body.
Wanted short legs for better stabilizability.

I have added the file so you can cut the design out on a scrollsaw or have a laser cutter cut the design.  It is just the outline of the robot, so you can add your own face, heart (or gears) and name.  I also have the robot laser cut wood listed on Etsy & Zibbet in my AmysCrazyCrafts store.
Love this instructable and the Robot is look like the minecraft boy
Lol! Love the reference. Great idea with the beads.

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Bio: I am an engineer by day and crafter/gamer by night!
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