Picture of Easy Solar Robot Nightlight
Light set.jpg
Robbie the pieces.jpg
Here is an easy solar powered nightlight. 

Material List:
1/8" Baltic Birch Plywood
Solar Yard Light
Tape (may need) (might also need scissors)
Nuts, Bolts, Lock Washers & Washers
Screwdriver and wrench
Small Plastic Tube

I found the solar yard light at the Dollar Tree (for yes just $1) I have also seen similar ones at Menards for $3-5) 

Step 1: Design Robot

Picture of Design Robot
robot design.jpg
I designed my robot in CorelDRAW and used Boxit to 3-D the design. 
I used Boxit 4 times for the head, body, one leg and one arm. Then copied the one leg and one arm so I now have two legs and two arms. 

I measured the solar light and that determined Robbie's minimum head size.  I added an extra inch width to his head because I thought it looked better. 
The eyes are lower to account for the solar light height.
The center eye hole circles are sized to hold LEDs (and LED holders) if I wanted to wire them in later.

The body was just to look good with the head, has the same depth as the head.
I designed the gears and named him "Robbie" the kiddy name for Robot.

The arms were designed to look proportional to the body & head.
Depth is half the body depth.

The legs are the same depth as the body.
Wanted short legs for better stabilizability.

I have added the file so you can cut the design out on a scrollsaw or have a laser cutter cut the design.  It is just the outline of the robot, so you can add your own face, heart (or gears) and name.  I also have the robot laser cut wood listed on Etsy & Zibbet in my AmysCrazyCrafts store.
azharz3 years ago
Love this instructable and the Robot is look like the minecraft boy
Exscaly3 years ago
Lol! Love the reference. Great idea with the beads.