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Hey guys.
Its my first Step by Step on Instructables ! :)
Today Im gonna show you how to make an easy and Simple Soldering Iron Holder.

Step 1: What You Need

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Alright..through out this project
1- Piece OF WOOD
2- A SAW
3-Screw Driver
4-Curtain Rod Holder
5- Silver Spray (Optional)
6-A drill

Step 2: Customize

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Cut and Paint Your Old Piece of Wood
Ive used Gold Spray 

Step 3: Re Shape Your CURTAIN ROD HOLDER

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Using ur Pliers
Re Shape the CRH ( Curtain Rod Holder ) 
Make it look like the transformed one
Paint if u like to 

Step 4: Mounting

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Mount THE Curtain Rod Holder Into The WOOD using the drill
Fix  the screws

Step 5: Congratulations

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Now you have a cool and simple Soldering Iron Holder


cuyler1 (author)2016-09-12

I found this as I was searching to see if someone had sense enough to have the soldering iron positioned where the heat goes uphill instead of downhill. All the uphill holders prematurely burn out the heating element and the handle gets hot. I'm glad you made this and that I found it before I posted the one I made!

iNeedHelp01 (author)2011-09-12

WOW thanks a lot man i really needed that you saved my life!

Emara (author)iNeedHelp012011-09-12

Thanks dude! :)

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