Here is a trick that may help you !

Step 1: All You Need

- An old propelling pencil

-0.7mm ethane

Step 2: Now You Can Solder Easily

Good new ! now you can solder electronic part easily !

<p>I just hold it with hand.</p>
<p>Maybe a mecanical pencil with a metal tip so the plastic doesent melt ?</p>
<p>Yes that would be better ;)</p>
good idea. thank you
<p>so what is the trick?</p>
Nice little trick!
<p>You're welcome</p>
Great idea! Thanks for sharing.
So good idea!!
<p>Thank you !</p>
<p>No matter how easy you make it to solder, you should *never* breathe in the resulting smoke/fumes, as is happening in the first picture of this 'instructable.' It *is* harmful.</p>
<p>He is breathing in all the fumes from the iron! </p>
I can't see any thing just two photos?

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