Introduction: Easy Spicy - Yummy Baked Tofu

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This is my recipe for an easy, fast, tasty way to prepare tofu to have on hand to snack on, chop up and put in a veggie stir fry, use as filling for sandwiches, or to have something quick to grab when you are on the go. It is vegan, but non-vegans like this too. Ingredients are easily available, no matter where you live.

Step 1: Firm Tofu

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I start with a 3 lb. piece of firm tofu, available here on the Big Island of Hawaii (we are so fortunate that Natural Pacific makes such good organic tofu).

Step 2: Fresh Block of Firm Tofu

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Naked tofu, ready to be sliced.

Step 3: Slice

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Slice the tofu into even chunky blocks.

Step 4: Ingredients

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Assemble ingredients for the marinate sauce. They are: Tamari (or shoyu), sugar, Chinese Five Spices, veggie pepper (or just plain pepper), sesame oil (non-roasted) or vegetable oil.

Step 5: Sauce Recipe

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Sauce recipe:

1/2Cup Tamari (or shoyu)
2T. oil
1T. sugar
several shakes of pepper
1teaspoon Chinese Five Spices

Step 6: Marinate

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Marinate in refrigerator for at least 5 hours, turning over the container every so often so sauce can can soak tofu on all sides. Letting it sit overnight in the refrig would be fine.

Step 7: Place on Cookie Sheet.

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Oil a cookie sheet.

Step 8: Almost There!

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Place tofu chunks on oiled cookie sheet.

Step 9: Preheat Oven to 350 Degrees.

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Now it's ready for the oven.

Step 10: Bake

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Bake at 350 degrees for an hour,

Step 11: Continue ...

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then turn them over and bake for another 15-20 minutes. It depends on how dry you want them.

Step 12: Yummmmmm...!

Picture of Yummmmmm...!

They're DONE! yum!!!

Step 13: What You Can Do With Them...

Picture of What You Can Do With Them...

Slice them, dice them, eat them, add them to your stir fry veggies , fill your sandwiches with them... a very versitile dish! Enjoy!


AbleMable (author)2011-07-18

How long do they keep for? Do they freeze well at all or do they fall apart like when tofu is frozen straight from the packet?

homesteadcat (author)AbleMable2011-07-18

About 3-4 days. It doesn't last that long around my house because it gets eaten up - cooked in stir fry dishes, sandwiches, and something nice to grap right out of the refrig. or a good thing to take along when you are on the go. I don't think freezing them is a good idea. It would completely change the texture of the tofu.

AbleMable (author)homesteadcat2011-07-20

Yeah I thought so, freezing is the first thing to know not to do with tofu but I was just hoping as a long shot because they were dried from baking as I wanted to do a big batch of them while I was at it. I live alone so I think I'll forget that idea :o)
I remember trying to figure out something like this before but I couldn't get the recipe right, I used to buy it pre made and but it in a brown roll with rocket, houmous and tomatoes. To die for!

Thanks for replying x

Screamo (author)2010-09-26

Tofu o no

pythagorean (author)2010-08-15

We tried this the other day and it's very flavorful! After turning I baked another 20 minutes and it got kind of crispy - just the way I like it. Good stuff!

kingtubby (author)2008-08-24
Phoghat (author)kingtubby2010-04-25
Well that was bollocks. Some half truths, some scare tactics
<i>"Did u know it's made with <B>plaster of paris and epsom salts</b>

romedeiros1970 (author)kingtubby2008-08-27

Wow... One site with loads of unsubstantiated claims. They must be true and reliable. The all beef diet must, therefore, be best. I am now convinced to never eat another piece of tofu, no matter how much I actually like it.

kingtubby (author)romedeiros19702008-08-28

Yes, everyone in America died horrible deaths before the advent of widespread bottled water. You're so right.

shootfilm (author)kingtubby2010-03-08

 The woman who wrote that article works for the Price Pottenger Nutritional Foundation.  They endorse homeopathy.  That's all I need to know.

romedeiros1970 (author)kingtubby2008-08-28

Straw Man?

gosh, I read your article up until it said "tofu is made with plaster of paris and epsom salts." because salt is therefore made of chlorine.

vinylappeal (author)kingtubby2008-08-30

lard, tallow, coconut oil, and cream, eh? So wholesome. Also high in saturated and trans fats. AWESOME.

stanigu (author)kingtubby2008-08-28

Hmm...take the Japanese, who eat Soy products in large quantities. They must have short lifespan. Oops. No, they have one of the longest in the world. I think the key is moderation. You don't want to eat soy products exclusively for years and years, but having it as a part of your regular diet is good for you.

phip (author)kingtubby2008-08-28

That really is a terrible article.

Phoghat (author)2010-04-25

I'm not a vegetarian (but I play one on TV) but I like the taste of tofu. I started making dashi and miso soup with tofu and it's ability to soak up the flavor of other ingredients is its prime virtue

tweetchi (author)2010-03-16

gently pierce the tofu with a fork so it can soak up more marinade

muriyd (author)2010-03-15

and any suggestions on a suace for dipping?

homesteadcat (author)muriyd2010-03-16

It really doesn't need a dipping sauce.  If you marinate it long enough, the spices and soy sauce in the marinate will make it  just right to eat as is after you bake it.

muriyd (author)homesteadcat2010-03-16

thanks, I made tofu nuggets which weren't as satifying in taste and required an additional suace

muriyd (author)2010-03-15

young vgetarian of 14, but if i wanted to reheat should i use the oven or micro wave. Sorry to ask such a simple question though?

homesteadcat (author)muriyd2010-03-16

I wish I had been a vegetarian at 14! You wised up fast!  If you wanted to reheat it , use the toaster oven like you were making light toast.  I did away with my mirocwave years ago so I don't know about using that. Actually it really doesn't need reheating to eat, just slice and eat it cold or take it out and let it sit and eat it at room temp.

muriyd (author)homesteadcat2010-03-16

thanks, I'm new to coocking tofu I have only completed one other recipe, so thank you for sharing.

STEPcoach (author)2010-03-12

We've been making this for a couple years now (and we haven't died yet!) and have found it to be really handy for adding to soups, making sandwiches, for snacks, etc. Good stuff Maynard!

homesteadcat (author)STEPcoach2010-03-14

I am so glad you are making this. Tofu is a staple in my diet and this is one of my favorite ways to cook it.  Your comment made it all worth it to post this instructable, knowing that someone is actually using it. Mahalo.  cute kitty kat you have.

claudiaivonnefranco (author)2010-03-13

How long do these keep in the fridge?  I may need to make a smaller batch for just my husband and I.

About 3-4 days. If you do make a big batch, you can use these for snacking, dicing and throwing in a stir fry, in sandwiches(w/ daikon sprouts and stoneground mustard is my favorite), and in any recipe to replace meat. Tofu is a wonderful thing!

shootfilm (author)2010-03-12

I can't tell from the photos; how thick did you slice the tofu?  I'm marinating it now, sliced to about a half-inch.

homesteadcat (author)shootfilm2010-03-14

That batch was about 1" thick but 1/2" is good. Maybe lessen the baking time - check on it at 30 min.  You want to have it firm, but not chewy and over cooked- test it and take it out  of the oven when the outside is brown and cooked and the inside is firm but not over cooked- easily slice-able....or another alternative is to MAKE it overcooked and chewy and it becomes like tofu-jerky...also sometimes I slice it very thin and bake it longer , to a crisp but not burnt, and it's a good crunchy snack.

Cthulku (author)2008-08-27

A tip for marinating: nothing works better than a ziploc bag. You can push out most of the air to ensure good food/marinade contact, plus it usually takes up less place in the fridge. Good writeup!

dmcunningham (author)Cthulku2010-03-11

Yes, using a ziploc bag is a great way to marinate things. The marinade covers the food better and is a great space saver. I was going to recommend this when I had seen the author's use of a lidded bowl, but I'm glad that I had read through the comments and found that Cthulku had already recommended it.

homesteadcat (author)Cthulku2008-08-28

To Cthulku: GREAT tip! Thanks... I'll try that next time.

jls24712 (author)2009-06-25

Thanks for the recipe. I'm going to try this out on the grill July 4th weekend. The marinade sounds delicious!!! Can't wait. Peace, jance

Aleksandr Skotbot (author)2008-11-02

I am so jealous that you can buy tofu in quantities of three pounds! My local Asian grocer carries blocks that vary from 14 to 20 ounces. ):

jessyratfink (author)2008-09-25

This looks super tasty. :) I've got some tofu in the fridge that I need to attack soon, might as well do this!

supervixen (author)2008-09-02

Thank you so much for the recipe! I would love to make this with some Mexican spices and use it for chili Colorado or chili verde. I'd love to find a way to prepare faux spam from tofu as well. Best, Jen

lorajean (author)2008-09-01

This recipe looks delicious. To buy tofu already baked and marinated is very expensive.I am happy to be able to make it myself! Thank you! By the way, I have eaten soy products as an alternative to meat for years and I recently had a perfect stranger approach me and comment that I looked vibrantly healthy!! I certainly feel much healthier than when I ate animal products (over 20 years ago now!!)

Theodora12 (author)2008-08-28

This looks so good and easy to prepare. Thanks so much for posting.

Amir (author)2008-08-28

That looks really good. I need to diversify with my fu. I think I'll have that tonight. Thanks.

jfite (author)2008-08-25

Can you shorten the baking time by slicing thinner chunks?

homesteadcat (author)jfite2008-08-25

To jfite: If you slice them thinner and want them softer, you might try 45 mins. in the oven. Sometimes I cut the blocks thinner and bake them longer until they are chewy (my version of tofu-jerky) and sometimes I bake thin slices until they are crispy - a good crunchy snack -- baking time all depends on how you want them to turn out.

Leesam (author)2008-08-25

How do you store it once cooked (Freezer/Fridge)? How long will it stay good kept that way? I'd love to make up a good sized batch to snack on and throw into stir fry.

homesteadcat (author)Leesam2008-08-25

To Leesam: Store it in the refrig. It will keep nicely for about 3-4 days. I did this tutorial because my friend wanted to know how to make this because she wanted something fast to grab to eat as she was flying out the door in the food tofu.

Leesam (author)homesteadcat2008-08-25

Thanks! Going to try this week.

Mikey D (author)2008-08-25

I am almost strictly carnivorous. But for some reason I love spicy tofu. When my father comes out to AZ from NY he used to bring spicy tofu from a store in Flushing, Queens. He is now retired and does not get to that part of town so no more for me :-( I'm going to have to try this! Thanks!

joe (author)2008-08-25

Awesome! I'm going to make this tonight. -Joe

killerdark (author)2008-08-25

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the_burrito_master (author)2008-08-24

ewwww topoo lol sorry.

liquidsunshine (author)2008-08-24

Looks yummy. =) I bet it would go well in a caesar salad...

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