Easy Spin-Top Dreidle



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Introduction: Easy Spin-Top Dreidle

Probably the cheapest home-made dreidle! Works, too. A little trinket to add to your home-made stuff. Also ideal for happy Hanukkah.

Step 1: What You Need

It cant get any simpler; You need the following:

Pen cap

4 CVS mini cards or other mini plastic durable cards

Usually they come in sets with one big card and 2 mini cards

Step 2: Make the Dradle

Notice on your mini cards they have a hole on the left or right top corner. Put the pointy end of the pen cap into two cards, barcodes up. (See pictures for details)

Do the same with the other two, but logo face up; this will give the dreidle a colorful look when spinning.
it should end up in a "plus" look.

Step 3: Spin It!

hold the dreidle by the fat part of the pen and twist it; spin it.



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