Easy Spoon Bracelet





Introduction: Easy Spoon Bracelet

This Instructable is on how to make the next big thing. Spoon Bracelets! There really cool for guys and girls. All my friends wanted their own so I decide to make this Instructable on how to make them.

Step 1: Tools

All you need is a spoon long enough to fit around your wrist, (mine were mainly used for stirring stuff), a hammar and a vise.

Step 2: Bending

Put the spoon in the clamp and use the hammar to bend it. Bending is the tricky part, you have to make sure that the spoon will be in the right shape to go around your wrist. In the end it might look like this. Don't worry if it doesnt, just as long as its in a oval like shape then its fine.

Step 3: Fitting

Now that you have the tough to bend parts bent then basiclly you should be able to bend it on your own to fit your wrist. If it doesn't fit then just bend it around a little and try again.



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    maybe you could add a cute picture on the spoon bit and glaze it with clear glue so it doesn't get damaged. i think ill try it. thanks for the idea!

    I used to make those tooth brush bracelets! You should make plate armor out of spoons!!

    Hi i was just wondering Bisquick the ninja how did you make tooth brush bracelets?

    Wow I can't believe there isn't  an instructable on here but it's pretty easy!   
    1.find desired cheep tooth brush that doesn't have rubber on it.
    2.remove bristles with pliers or napalm.
    3.Find cooking pot big enough for the tooth brush to fit in.
    4.bring water to boil and place tooth brush in.
    5.don't splash boiling water on you hand or other appendages.
    6.let cook for like twenty seconds.
    7.remove toothbrush with tongs or chopsticks or something.
    8.let cool for five seconds
    9. wrap around wrist loosely(don't worry it wont be hot).

    lol i found one on here already at this link

    but thxs for the advice bout not using ones that have rubber on them. and u should check it out it is sorta good. 

    i really...do not like this...but oh well...way to think!

    nice, i need 1