This Instructable is on how to make the next big thing. Spoon Bracelets! There really cool for guys and girls. All my friends wanted their own so I decide to make this Instructable on how to make them.

Step 1: Tools

All you need is a spoon long enough to fit around your wrist, (mine were mainly used for stirring stuff), a hammar and a vise.
maybe you could add a cute picture on the spoon bit and glaze it with clear glue so it doesn't get damaged. i think ill try it. thanks for the idea!
My spoon is too big!
this made me LAWL
I used to make those tooth brush bracelets! You should make plate armor out of spoons!!
Hi i was just wondering Bisquick the ninja how did you make tooth brush bracelets?<br />
Wow I can't believe there isn't&nbsp; an instructable on here but it's pretty easy!&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; <br /> 1.find desired cheep tooth brush that doesn't have rubber on it.<br /> 2.remove bristles with pliers or napalm. <br /> 3.Find cooking pot big enough for the tooth brush to fit in.<br /> 4.bring water to boil and place tooth brush in.<br /> 5.don't splash boiling water on you hand or other appendages.<br /> 6.let cook for like twenty seconds.<br /> 7.remove toothbrush with tongs or chopsticks or something.<br /> 8.let cool for five seconds<br /> 9. wrap around wrist loosely(don't worry it wont be hot).<br />
lol i found one on here already at this link <br /> https://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-make-a-toothbrush-bracelet/ <br /> <br /> but thxs for the advice bout not using ones that have rubber on them. and u should check it out it is sorta good.&nbsp; <br />
i really...do not like this...but oh well...way to think!
how do u get it off?
nice, i need 1
To decrease tool marks, you may want to try hammering it with a non-metal mallet around a wooden pole. No need to flatten the bowl of the spoon even...
use a raw-hide hammer around a wrist mandrel maybe? nice idea Print, but i think I could make a better spoon bracelet bending it with my hands. I've seen a few spoon bracelets around, no-one has hammered them flat, and they do a better job of evenly rounding the entire thing without making marks. since you don't have access to specialty tools, you should have just wrapped the spoon in a towel, and slowly rounded it with the hammer on the corner of that table, starting from the handle end, then bending the rest by hand.
ok, thanks for the ideas
I want one! :D Oh and the thing you don't know what it's called is a vise :)

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