Picture of Easy Squiggle Bot

Don't let the number of steps in this Instructable fool you. This Squiggle Bot is as easy as advertised. If you have all of the parts on hand and any experience soldering wires together, you can probably build this bot in five minutes flat. So, what are you waiting for? Amaze your friends and scare your cat with your very own drawing robot!
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Step 1: Go get stuff

Picture of Go get stuff
You will need:

-Thermaltake 120mm Fan (Black/Red) (Model: A2368 | Catalog #: 28-1108)
- Fully Insulated 9V Battery Snap Connectors (Model: 270-325 | Catalog #: 270-325)
- Enercell® Alkaline 9 Volt Battery (Model: 23-853 | Catalog #: 23-853)
- craft markers
- rubber bands

Step 2: Snap

Picture of Snap
With a pair of pliers, snap off three adjacent fan blades from the computer fan.

Step 3: Wire

Picture of Wire
Solder the red wire from the battery connector to the red wire from the fan.

Solder the black wire from the battery connector to the black wire from the fan.

Step 4: Insulate

Picture of Insulate
Cover each of the exposed solder joints separately with electrical tape so that they can't cross.

Step 5: Rubber bands

Picture of Rubber bands
Pull rubber bands through each of the four corner holes of the fan.

Step 6: Markers

Picture of Markers
Use the rubber bands to attach markers to the fan. Make sure that all of the marker tips are pointing the same way. Adjust the height of the markers so that the fan is suspended level above your work surface.

Step 7: Battery time

Picture of Battery time
Rubber band the battery onto your fan in such a way that it won't interfere with the fan spinning.

Step 8: Caps off

Picture of Caps off
Remove the marker caps and set them aside.

Step 9: Plug

Picture of Plug
Plug in your 9V battery. The bot should start to wobble.

Step 10: Go!

Picture of Go!
Put your bot down on a piece of paper and watch it draw.
revjaydub11 months ago

Here's a couple low-budget wind-up versions I made a dozen years back:

Dusseced1 year ago
Matt4281 year ago
crishrx1 year ago
o5ntuki1 year ago
simple, extremely easy, AND COOL
houdini01182 years ago
i made one of these without the fan because i didnt have one on hand so i just used a high speed motor out of a printer i took apart a while back with a weight on the axle and it worked great
could you use some other type of stilts to avoid drawing everywhere? I dont have much paper.
sdcauley3 years ago
Love the Squiggle Bot!
very cool, if I had that fan I'd build one now.

Where can I get that brand of fan?
randofo (author)  INFUSEDgoods3 years ago
Radioshack sells these fancy red and black ones, but any computer fan will do.
Redgerr3 years ago
really cool idea, thanks!

the only thought i have would be that it might overheat the motor if you leave it for too long... i dont know though... i wonder if you just added some weight on the side of one of the fan blades it might do the same thing

ill have to test it

randofo (author)  Redgerr3 years ago
ostomesto3 years ago
Guy 1: AAAUUUUGGG my computer fan is broken and is unstable what do i DO?
Guy 2: Turn it into a sguigglebot duh!
well played... well played
(removed by author or community request)
if none/1 was cut then it would kinda just vibrate a little and not move much... with the two the weight is uneven and it flails around a little more... i assume
then only the air gaps are formed and it vibrates to aquiggle...... xD
Qtechknow3 years ago
How is yours stable? My bot has 1 marker crooked at almost all times. Any answers?
Oh wait, I got it to work. Thanks anyways!
sunshiine3 years ago
hello sir i nee make a new first robot in my own style sir please sent notes for my mail id sir
static3 years ago
So why bother with soldering anyway? Twist the wires together, tape to prevent a short.
randofo (author)  static3 years ago
It's a more reliable connection, but you can do that too if you prefer not to solder.
Lindie3 years ago
ibod3 years ago
Keep these ideas coming ^^ This is perfect for 'Project Night' where my 5 year old son and I spend some time together building goofy things and I surreptitiously program him to be a tinkerer.

Much thanks, I'm looking forward to building it.
iceng3 years ago
Very COOL imaginative MacGyver like application of simple materials.
But what a horrific way to treat a nice fan :-)
Does tilting the table do anything ?

I agree with you
splazem3 years ago
I have a computer fan available to me... I have to make this!