Waited until the last-minute to work on your costume for that Halloween Party?
No problem! Go as a Star Trek "Red Shirt" - the nameless security officer who always got killed on the TV show whenever they beamed down to a planet.

With these instructions, your home computer and printer, a few typical craft items and tools, and the clothes you already have in your closet, you can be a "Red Shirt" in no time flat!

Let's get started with a quick costume study and some clothing selection.

Step 1: Raid your closet - Red Shirt & Black Pants

First thing to do, go on the web and search images for "Star Trek Uniform". You will see a number of different versions of Star Trek outfits. Use that to get a sense of the basics for what you need for your Star Fleet uniform.

You do NOT have to go for perfect detail with this costume. Star Trek is a part of the culture in the U.S., and even people who aren't huge fans will "get it".

Besides the original STAR TREK television program, there was also "The Next Generation" (TNG) and several other spin-offs. While the costuming was a bit different from one show to another, as long as you stick to a few iconic articles, you will be sure to nail this costume.

The Basics:
A Red Shirt
Black Pants
Black Shoes or Boots

Red Shirt

Your shirt should be RED. Long-sleeved is preferred, but a short-sleeve shirt will work if that's all you have in your closet. Since you made a "Tap-Light Iron Man" Costume a couple years ago, I'm sure you already have a thrift store red shirt handy. I had a plain red short-sleeved cotton T-shirt. I really wanted long-sleeve, especially for being outside this time of year. I did have a long-sleeved black shirt, so I layered the red shirt over the black. The Next Generation uniforms were two-tone red and black, so I tried matching the rest of the outfit towards that style.

Black Pants
This costume just needs some plain black pants. If you are going for the Original Series look, try to find some with a bit of a flair, bell-bottom, or boot-cut to them. For the Next Generation look, dress slacks are perfect. Avoid cargo pants or black jeans.

Black Shoes / Boots
Go for simple on the footware. A plain black boot is ideal for the Original Series, and a plain black dress shoe is good for The Next Generation. I chose some slip-on black leather shoes that I already owned.

We'll need an insignia badge. Let's cover that in detail in the next step.
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I love it!
Haha! That's prefect!
This is almost exactly the costume I used in my &quot;Redshirts are Replaceable&quot; video on Youtube. I blew my $10 per video budget on the yellow shirt though. Because I had to dye a white shirt yellow. <br>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PYGwRBdPpcA

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