Easy, Stunning, Dimensional Icing Flowers

Picture of Easy, Stunning, Dimensional Icing Flowers

To make this royal icing flower you will need:

- Stiff consistency royal icing in one or two shades of red (or any other color)

- A petal piping tip (I used Wilton #104)

- A flower nail (I used Wilton #7)

- Large white sugar pearls

- Decorating bags and couplers

- A pair of food safe tweezers

- Wax paper cut into small squares

Step 1:

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Prepare your royal icing according to the directions of your favorite royal icing recipe. Color your icing using gel food coloring and load it into a decorating bag. To add a shaded effect to your flowers, load two different shades of icing into the same decorating bag.

merryday12 years ago
wow they look amazing
They look beautiful! love the butterfly as well :)